• Judo

    Judo has been implemented in our club as a competitive discipline and for many years has been very successful at this field. However, it may also be treated recreationally as we have groups for amateurs, who are able to develop their hobby with no necessity of competition. During trainings, in spite of great deal of fun, one can develop all the muscles and improve one’s stamina.

  • Boxing

    Boxing is a discipline, which you can master not only on competitive level but also as a self-defence technique, what is a necessary attribute of physical fitness nowadays. What is more, boxing can help you get rid of few unwanted kilograms in a healthy and satisfying way.



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90-436 Łódź, al. Kościuszki 73/75
tel. 042 636-90-50
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Dane Klubu

Nr konta: 28 1240 3031 1111 0000 3426 6834
Bank Pekao S.A. VI Oddział w Łodzi

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Organizacji Pożytku Publicznego
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Miejsca treningów

sala KS Gwardia Łódź, al. Kościuszki 73/75
SP nr 109 w Łodzi, ul. Pryncypalna 74
SP nr 153 w Łodzi, ul. Obr. Westerplatte 28
SP nr 169 w Łodzi, ul. Napoleońska 7

SP nr 36 w Łodzi, ul. Więckowskiego 35